Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Maui 4-Day Stargate Intensive in November!

Are you feeling the pull to come to Maui to reconnect with the Lemurian energies from your past?

One of the few spots on the planet where new energies from Source can enter the Earth without distortion

Assist us in drawing in new information for the next steps in human evolution

Thanksgiving Stargate Intensive in Mount Shasta!

Our Stargate Intensives in Mount Shasta are profound - each one seems to surpass the previous one as the energy builds in our center here, supported by the incredibly powerful energies of Mount Shasta and the Inner Earth city of Telos that we connect with very deeply.

Our intention for this Thanksgiving Intensive is to celebrate our own humanness as we rapidly evolve into our Quantum natures. Growing and maturing does not have to be difficult, it will be happening with celebration, grace, ease, and thanksgiving!

New Stargate Meditations! Listen for free, increase your personal vibrancy!